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There are a few things to consider before purchasing a pull up bar for your kid(s). 

At the very least, you need to consider the following: ​

  • Where Will You Put The Bar? 
  • What To Look For?


    Let's tackle these one by one. 

    Where Will You Put The Bar?

    The first thing you need to consider is where you will even put the bar. 

    If say, you want the bar somewhere in your basement, you could check out a free-standing pull up bar unit. This way it is out of the way of everything. The main problem with these however are: ​

    • They are very expensive 
    • They are usually not built for kids

    That leaves us with 2 options left: screw-in bars and self-supported bars. Below is a picture of both. 

    Maximiza Doorway Pullup / Chinup Bar Review 2
    Fitleader pull up bar review 2

    I wrote another article on the biggest advantages and disadvantages of both if you would like to check that out, so we don't need to rehash all of that here, so let's cut right down to the main problem: 

    Self-supported pull up bars need the top part of the doorway trim in order to brace themselves, so they sit only a few inches from the top of the door. 

    Translation: Your kid needs to be rather tall in order to even reach it! ​

    Thus, it's probably best that you limit your range to screw-in bars. 

    And, if you limit your choice to screw-in (which makes the most sense) that leaves you with needing to put the bar in a doorframe somewhere in your house. ​

    On the surface, this might seem like a limitation, but I would digress, as just in case anything went wrong, it's probably much easier to check out what happened if it happened somewhere in the house where people are often moving to and from. ​

    What To Look For?

    j:fit deluxe doorway pull up bar3

    Now that we have settled on screw-in bars, the first thing you need to determine is: 

    • Exactly which doorframe you plan on putting the bar 
    • Measuring that doorframe to see how wide it is 

    If your home is like everyone else's, you will probably have a ton of options, but it's always good practice to always check first, as some screw-in bars are simply too short to fit into very wide doorways (more than 40 inches). 

    The next thing you need to consider is: 

    • Is the bar going to be used mainly to hang from or for your kids to try to use it for pull ups?  
    • Will you need to constantly switch out the bar? 

    When it comes to kids, as we all know they get into anything. If any kind of toy or product can bend or snap in a funny way, it will. If anything has a sharp edge, they will probably eventually hurt themselves on it. 

    Thus, what you want more than anything else is a stable bar. Stability, and especially the bar staying in place, that is, not being able to easily snap out of its support, is going to be incredibly important here. ​

    Stability is probably going to be the most important factor here, but you also can't dismiss how easy it will be to switch out the bar. 

    If you are going to be needing to enter and exit the room, you will probably want a bar that is rather easy to switch.

    The downside to this, is that it can't be a bar that easily falls out of its support while its in use. ​

    In light of all of this, if there was only one bar I would recommend, it would be the j/fit Deluxe

    The j/fit Deluxe has a number of benefits, especially when it comes to kids: ​

    • It is incredibly stable (one of the most stable bars there is) 
    • Can fit in very wide doorways (up to 40") 
    • It's rather easy to switch out the bar (it telescopes out, however it won't do this while you are using it)

    The bar also comes with a 2nd set of brackets, so you can easily telescope the bar out of one set and quickly put it into place with another. 

    pellor pull up bar kids

    There is also a screw-in bar made by Pellor that uses rings and is specifically made for children that you could also check out. 

    The Pellor bar is probably better for very young children (around 4 years old), whereas the j/fit is a little better for older children who are better in control of their bodies and have more strength. ​

    The biggest downside to the Pellor bar is the price. It's a bit more expensive than the j/fit (which is already slightly more expensive than most screw-in bars). ​

    I would implore you to check out the reviews of the j/fit Deluxe, and filter out results by typing in 'kids' in the keyword box, to get an even better picture of what other parents say about it. You may be surprised! 


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