If you're looking for a basic 5 grip position pull up bar packed with as much extra goodies as possible all for under $30, you should definitely at least consider the BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar. 


BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar

BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar 1

The BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar is simply packed with extra goodies


BMP, or Black Mountain Products, has certainly managed to jam pack a ton of extra goodies into this decent little pull up bar. 

Among the highlights of this bar: ​

  • Five grip positions and pull up types 
  • Comes with 5 resistance bands, 2 foam handles, 1 ankle strap and a bag to keep everything together
  • Resistance bands are from 5-30 pounds in tension
  • Designed for doorways from 24 to 32" wide
  • All of this for under $30 (that's pretty impressive)  

Read below for a comprehensive review of the BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar. 

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

The BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar has 5 grip positions. They are: 

  • Wide grip (slightly angled downward) 
  • Traditional shoulder width grip
  • Narrow grip 
  • Two sets of hammer grips (palms facing each other) 

As far as the grip quality is concerned, the grips themselves are your standard black foam grip. Nothing exactly to write home about here, as most reviews did not praise the grips, nor were they many consumers complaining about them. 

What Exercises Can You Do?

BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar 1

With this bar, you would be able to perform: 

  • Wide grip pull ups 
  • Close grip pull ups or chin ups 
  • Traditional length pull or chin ups 
  • Hammer grip pull ups (two varieties) 
  • Leg Raises 
  • Sit ups (using the bar as a brace between the doorway) 
  • Dips (would not recommend)

In terms of the number of exercises that you are able to, this bar is certainly above average. 

It's direct competitor would be something like the ProSource Multi-Grip, one of my favorite pull up bars. 

What Is It Made Out Of? How Much Can It Hold?

BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar 3

The material that this bar is made out of is your standard black coated steel. The grips, as mentioned, are fairly standard and not super fantastic (nor are they particularly poor). 

​It should be noted that this pull up bar does not come with any built in protective cushioning

So, if you are more concerned about protecting your doorway from possible damage, you could either wrap the bar in a soft-material like a few cotton shirts, or simply look into another bar with built-in protective padding like the Perfect Fitness Extreme. ​

In terms of how much weight it can hold, it says up to 300 lbs but in practice this bars perform best with mid 250's and under. At around 300 lbs they really begin to bend. 

Is It Easy To Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

Installation and assembly of doorway pull up bars is usually relatively pain-free. 


With this bar it seems to be somewhat of a problem.

Quite a few consumers complained about receiving screws that were too short or pre-drilled holes that did not perfectly align when snapping it all together. ​

This was probably the biggest complaint with this bar, overall. ​

This bar will also fit doorways between 24 and 32" wide (which should cover most doorways)

Unfortunately, there aren't any extensions offered, so if you've got a bigger doorway, check out our comparison table. ​

Furthermore, the trim surrounding your doorway can't be more than 3.5" thick. Again, this will cover most doorways

What Are The Pros?

BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar 4

By far the biggest pro of this pull up bar is simply all the extra goodies that come along with it

As far as I have seen, there are bars that offer things like free ab straps or an extension bar, but nothing quite like the BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar. 

The bar comes with an extra set of foam grips and an ankle strap (so you can perform leg exercises). 

It also comes with a ton of different resistance bands, differentiated by color which denotes their resistance level: 

  • Yellow for 2-4 pounds of resistance
  • Blue for 4-6 pounds of resistance 
  • Green for 10-12 pounds of resistance 
  • Black for 15-20 pounds of resistance 
  • Red for 25-30 pounds of resistance 

This is super useful, especially for those who travel a lot because resistance bands are one of the best ways to stay in shape on the road. Check out our article here to explain more about the benefits of resistance bands. 

This basically kills two birds with one stone. A very solid 5 grip pull up bar for workouts at home, and a set of resistance bands (and a bag) that you can easily carry with you for travel

What Are The Cons?

BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar 5

However, it's not all peaches and cream with this pull up bar. 

As alluded to earlier, the #1 complaint of consumers was being either shorted on screws, the screws being too short, or the pre-drilled holes not aligned up they way they should on the bar.

Several consumers needed to make phone calls in order to get a replacement bar. ​

The instruction manual also leaves a lot to be desired, however I personally can attest that this particular problem is incredibly common with these bars. ​

There is also the fact that this bar does not come with pre-built protective foam padding, something that has been seen increasingly on other doorway pull up bars. 

What Are The Consumer Ratings?

Despite some of these complaints, the vast majority of users absolutely loved their bar. 

​The number of positive reviews outnumbered the number of negative reviews by a factor of 5. 

As far as the number of reviews, they numbered a little bit better than average. High, but this is not one of the exceedingly popular bars on the market. 

Although overall not as high as the ProSource Multi-Grip, this bar nevertheless had solid overall reviews. 

Is It Priced Fairly?

The price on this bar (at least at the time of this review in October of 2016) is one of its biggest selling points. Considering all the extra goodies you get with this bar, it could easily sell for perhaps double. 

The bar by itself is listed at a higher price than on Amazon than this bar plus all the extras on the official website of Mountain Black Products, and the bar plus all the extras is listed at more than double the Amazon price. 

At under $30, I would strongly consider this to be a steal. 

Final Verdict

In the opinion of the bestpullupbars.com, the BMP Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar deserves a...

thumbs up

This was an easy decision to make. 

The number of grips and the extra resistance bands, ankle strap and carry bag are simply a steal at this price. ​

For an easy to use comparison table to quickly review pull up bars, please click HERE


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