There's a short and long (but not too long) answer to this question, and this article will give you both.


Let's get to it. 

Does a Pull Up Bar Damage Doors?

doorway trim for pull up bars


​Not so hard, is it? 

But wait, there is more.

Unless you hurl your pull up bar directly AT your door, a pull up bar is simply not going to damage it. 

That is provided that your doorway has adequate space around it and your pull up bar does not (and it shouldn't) make contact with your actual door. 

So, what exactly is the big concern here?

It's your door frame. 

So, the real question we should be asking is...

Does A Pull Up Bar Damage Door Frames?

pull up bar damage

Unfortunately, the answer many times, is yes. 

Now, before you click out of this web page and just give up on the thought of using a pull up bar to exercise at home, there are a few caveats here.

Not every pull up bar is going to damage your doorway. ​

You have an extremely high chance of limiting potential door frame damage by:

  • purchasing the RIGHT pull up bar unit
  • taking necessary precautionary measures

But first, let's simply show you what exactly we mean when we say "door frame damage." 

What Kind of Damage Do Pull Up Bars Sometimes Do?

Generally speaking, 99% of the time the "damage" that occurs from pull up bars comes in the form of black scuff marks made to your door frame, the lining and sometimes the paint on your walls. 

It's almost always black because 99% of doorway pull up bars are painted black. ​

It will often look something like this...​

does a pull up bar damage doors 1
does a pull up bar damage doors 2
pull up bar damage

This happens over time, as the unit slightly rubs up against the door frame, lining or wall as you use your pull up bar unit. 

Luckily, it's rather easy to avoid this problem. 

Precautionary Measure #1: Buying the RIGHT Pull Up Bar

perfect fitness example

Buying the RIGHT pull up bar is simply the easiest method to avoid potential damage. 

There are two things in particular that you need to look for in any pull up bar, when it comes to avoiding door frame damage: 

  • Making sure your pull up is of a higher quality, and in particular has built-in foam padding specifically built for avoiding wall damage 
  • Making sure that your pull up bar CORRECTLY FITS your door frame 

More and more pull up bar companies are adding built-in foam padding to their products to help fix this. Unfortunately, often times the padding is low quality, or isn't in the right place, or slides off. 

perfect fitness protect wall damage

This is why the Perfect Fitness and Perfect Fitness Extreme are so highly rated, both elsewhere and on this website. ​

  • Both models have built-in protecting padding on ALL points of contact 
  • The padding itself is of a good quality 
  • Furthermore, the bar itself is adjustable so that you can make sure the bar fits PERFECTLY to your door frame

I couldn't more highly recommend either of these bars. 

That leaves us with the last point. 

Precautionary Measure #2: Wrap Points of Contact Yourself

The Perfect Fitness models both go a very long way in protecting against doorway damage, but if you are still worried, or you simply don't want the tiniest of blemishes on your doorway, you can always take it a step further. 

This step requires a little bit of work (but not too much).​

Here's all you need to do.

Simply wrap the points of contact (the bar that braces against the other side of the wall and the ​bar on which you pull yourself up, where it makes contact with the door frame) in some kind of soft material

Some common methods are:​

how to protect door frame from damage pull up bar 2
how to protect door frame from damage pull up bar 1
how to protect door frame from damage pull up bar 3

And that's pretty much it. 

If you simply do these two things, you will almost assuredly avoid any type of damage to your door and door frame.


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