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The Fitleader Pull Up bar is an inexpensive pull up bar that honestly, has very little going for it. 

Read the review to find out why you should (almost definitively) avoid this bar at all costs. ​


Fitleader pull up bar review

On the plus side, the Fitleader is one of the more inexpensive pull up bars on the market. On the downside? Pretty much everything. 



The Fitleader has a few things going for it. 

  • At under $20, it's one of the cheaper pull up bars (but not the cheapest)
  • It can also fit a fairly wide range of doorways, from 24-32", which is pretty good

Unfortunately however, that's about all the advantages of this bar. 

That's not to say that this is a BAD bar, however there are clearly other bars that are significantly better, even at the same price range. ​


Iron Gym upper body
  • Most popular doorway bar in the world
  • Extremely light at 2.2 lbs.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits doorways 24-36"


perfect fitness example
  • Built in foam cushioning
  • 4 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 27-35"
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs.


doorway trainer main
  • Very high ratings
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • 5 grip positions
  • Better for taller individuals

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

The Fitleader Pull Up bar comes with 1 grip position.!!!

Yes. ​

For a doorway pull up bar that uses leverage to hold itself up, the fact that this bar has one set of grips is virtually unprecedented. You will have an extremely difficult time finding any other bar that only has one set of grips.

This is a serious disadvantage for this bar. ​

To make matters worse, that grip is...

  • hammer grip (palms facing each other)

Furthermore, the grips themselves are certainly not high quality, and if anything, a bit short. Most men, women and children will be able to use it no problem, but for individuals with larger hands, it may feel a bit too small. 

What Exercises Can You Do?

Fitleader pull up bar review 2

With this bar, you would be able to perform; 

  • hammer-grip pull ups 
  • hanging leg raises
  • traditional style pull and chin ups 
  • close grip chin and pull ups 

You should notice that there are four exercises listed above, however they are in different colors. The purple color denotes the exercises you would be able to do with the grips. The red, without. 

So, although there are only one set of grips for this bar, that doesn't mean you would ONLY be able to perform hammer-grip pull ups. You could perform other types, they would just feel rather uncomfortable as you would be using the steel bar instead of any grip cushioning. ​

And you would also be able to perform the following, by placing the bar on the ground;

  • elevated pushups 
  • sit-ups (using the bar as a brace for your legs in a doorway)
  • 50% range of motion dips (would not recommend)

Pretty standard here. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

What Is It Made Out Of? How Much Can It Hold?

Fitleader pull up bar review 3

Although the bar is not flimsy, it's also not made out of stronger material and as sturdy as the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Visually, it looks like most other pull up bars in that it uses black foam cushions with black coated steel. 

It can hold individuals up to 220 lbs., which is a bit on the low end. The majority of these bars tend to be able to hold in the mid 200's to 300 or so lbs.  So, if you're looking for something a bit more sturdy and that can hold heavier individuals, the Iron Gym would also be a good choice. 

On the other hand, the main bar consists of two bars and a connecting rod, instead of just two pieces that connect in the middle. In theory, the bars that do this tend to have less bend in the middle. 

Is It Easy to Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

Fitleader pull up bar review 1

Most doorway pull up bars are rather easy to assemble and install, and that is no different with the Fitleader. 

Assembly and installation shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. ​

The main issue instead, is just what kind and what dimensions of doorways does it fit. 

With the Fitleader, the following types of doorways should have no problem.

  • doorway trim and moulding
  • doorway width of 24-32" wide (fairly good)
  • doorway depth (thickness) of between 5 and 6 inches

This is probably it's biggest advantage, is the range of doorways it can fit. 

For a comparison, here's a table of some other popular doorway pull up bars. ​


Can Fit

Iron Gym


Perfect Fitness




What Are The Pros?

Who would benefit the most from this pull up bar? 

  • Individuals who want to spend less than $20 on a pull up bar
  • ?????

Unfortunately, there really isn't a lot to put here, which is why we should jump to the next section immediately. 

What Are The Cons?

It's not a BAD bar, it's just that for the price, you can get bars that...​

  • at the very least, have 3 grips for exactly the same price (like the HemingWeigh)
  • get a pull up bar that not only has more grips, but also comes with free ab straps (like the Wacces 3-in-1)
  • get a pull up bar that has 3 grip positions and can support even heavier individuals (like the Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose)

The bar doesn't really stand out in any significant way. 

What Are Its Consumer Ratings?

Despite everything that was said in this review, this bar's overall ratings are not terrible. 

However, they aren't good either. ​

Overall, the bar has an average overall rating score, however it does not have a large number of reviews. In fact, the number of reviews that have been posted is significantly under average


  • ​Fits odd size/larger door frames. Other's don't. 


  • ​Long handles give you lots of leverage, makes my worried it's going to torque itself off the doorframe.
  • * Only padded for the one pull up position with your palms parallel to your body. Not padded for palm out chin ups, or palm in pull ups. Why?!
  • * feels flimsier than the other pullup bar.

I recommend getting another bar unless you need the flexible sizing of this bar.

What A Consumer Says...                 

Is It Priced Fairly?

Most pull up bars are priced in the high teens to thirties. 

With this bar it's no different, and considering the low overall rating and the fact that it doesn't really excel at anything, it's overall cost of just under $20 is probably justified.

However, in my opinion it could probably be even lower.

In fact, given that there are other bars that are priced exactly the same and are definitively better choices, this bar could and probably should be priced even lower. ​


Overall, the Fitleader Pull Up bar deserves a...

thumbs down

Very few pull up bars are worth a thumbs-down. 

Typically, the bars that underperform get a mixed reaction because they make up for it in a different aspect or capacity, however that is simply not the case here.

It's also the reason why you will not find any links on this page to the product, as there are simply better choices.

Overall, steer clear of the Fitleader Pull Up bar. ​


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