Why Is The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar So Popular?

The Iron Gym Upper Body doorway pull up bar is one of our most highly rated products on this website.

It's also super popular.

Crazy popular, in fact.


And thus, the need for this article.

In this article, I will explain 5 reasons why the Iron Gym is a bestseller.

The Iron Gym - A 10 Second Review


Iron Gym upper body

The Iron Gym Upper Body is the most popular doorway pull up bar in the world

Consumer Rating​

Overview & Features

You can read the complete review of the Iron Gym Upper Body HERE.

The Iron Gym is the most popular pull up bar in the world.

It has nearly 3x as many reviews as the next most popular bar, the ProSource.

  • Super light at 2.2 lbs
  • Well above average reviews
  • Excellent quality grip cushioning for your hands
  • Priced competitively at under $30

Five Reasons Why the Iron Gym is a Bestseller

Reason #1: The Iron Gym Has Simply Been Around Longer Than Other Pull Up Bars

The first patents for doorway pull up bars started showing up around the mid 1990's.

Although the Iron Gym was introduced a little bit later than that, coupled with a very smart marketing campaign the device soon started to take off.

As a result, the Iron Gym pull up bar has been seen in stores and outlets around the world for some time now, and has had more than a few years to entrench itself as the leader in doorway pull up bars.

Reason #2: The Iron Gym Has Seen Consistent Improvements Over Time

When it was first introduced, its grips were rather average and the back brace (that holds it up on the back of the door) was made of a cheap plastic.

Since then however, the grip quality has improved as the Iron Gym has moved to superior grip cushioning for more comfort and stability.

The back brace was also changed to a rubber brace for more stability and less wall damage.

The company has also added the option to purchase an extension for larger doorways.

Reason #3: It's Extremely Light

The Iron Gym pull up bar is super light.

iron gym extreme pullup

It's 2.2 lbs.

That is far lighter than most other pull up bars, the majority of which weigh between 6-8 lbs.

Because it's so light, and has so few parts, it's the easiest bar to disassemble and carry around.

And although it is extremely light, it's also very durable, capable of holding individuals who weigh up to 250 lbs or so (the packaging says 300 lbs which is probably a stretch).

Reason #4: It's Ridiculously Simple to Assemble

Most doorway pull up bars are a cinch to assemble and set up.

Where they often go wrong is with their garbled (obviously improperly translated or written) and poor picture demonstrations.

With the Iron Gym it's super simple.

There are five parts to connect; the main long bar (2 sections), the back brace and two curved bars.

That's it.

Reason #5: It Has Very High Marks by Consumers

Given the fact that the bar has been reviewed nearly 3x as much as the next most popular bar, the ProSource Multi-Grip, one might assume that such a popular product would be weighted down by competitor reviews, and by people who simply might not need the product.

iron gym upper body review

That's not the case at all.

Much of the praise is due to its:

  • easy construction and assembly
  • improved grip cushioning and support
  • lightness and ease of use

Whereas the bulk of the complaints are mostly coming from consumers whose doorways would not fit.

Who Should Buy The Iron Gym

Although the Iron Gym pull up bar is the most popular doorway product out there today, it's simply not going to be for everyone.

This product is best if you are looking for:

  • a very light product that you may have to disassemble often, or that you may have to switch around to different rooms often
  • if you want to be able to do pull ups, chin ups, leg raises and not a ton of variations of those exercises (if so, you should look into something like the ProSource which has more grip positions)
  • you have a doorway that measures from 24-32" wide (for longer doorways you may want to check out the Perfect Fitness)


The Iron Gym pull up bar has a few things it gets wrong, but it more than makes up for it with the things that it gets right.

It's extremely popular, well-reviewed, super light, has great grip quality, improved built-in protective padding and is super easy to install.

And while it may not be the best product for people with larger door frames or people who want a lot more variation in their pull ups, the Iron Gym pull up bar is certainly a very good option for most people looking to increase their fitness.


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