There are very few pull up bars designed with kids in mind. There are even fewer pull up bars designed with very small kids in mind. This is a review of just such a bar. 


pellor pull up bar kids

The Pellor Adjustable Children Gym Rings Pull Up Bar is made very well, and designed specifically for small children


If you are looking for a pull up bar (to essentially almost act as an indoor swing set), this is probably the best bar you can get (as of early 2017). 

Here are the benefits: ​

  • Only bar that comes with adjustable gym rings to swing on
  • Actual rings themselves are full, not hollow, high density polypropylene and plastic (safe for kids) 
  • The bar (if you simply want to do pull ups on it) can hold more weight than any other bar on the market today (nearly 350 lbs!) by a long shot

For a more comprehensive review of this bar, continue reading below. 

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

Pellor Pull Up Bar 5

The Pellor Adjustable Children Gym Rings Pull Up Bar, used as a pull up bar, has two main grip positions: 

  • Underhand grip 
  • Overhand grip 

When used as a pull up bar (by older children and adults), the grip quality is really, really high. In my opinion, the grips felt very, very comfortable. 

The grip itself is made up of two sky blue with black striped cushions that wrap around the bar. They felt very stable to me and didn't slide around. ​

The biggest benefit to this bar however, is obviously the rings and adjustable straps that come with it.

The rings are made of of full plastic and high density polypropylene ​(safe for children) and feel incredibly sturdy in your hand. Part of the reason that your grip feels so stable (besides from their build quality) is the fact the rings are webbed (meaning they have little dips on the handles, to allow your grip to stay in place). Overall, the grips simply felt really, really comfortable

What Exercises Can You Do?

Pellor Pull Up Bar 4

Obviously, with a screw-in pull up bar your exercise options are always going to be limited. With this bar, you can do: 

  • Traditional shoulder length pull ups 
  • Chin ups 
  • Leg raises 
  • Swinging and holding from the bar (for children) 

A big disadvantage to this bar is the fact that it doesn't come with a 2nd set of brackets, as the Sunny Health Fitness Pull Up Bar does. The advantage with a 2nd set of brackets is that you can easily unscrew the bar out of one set, and switch to another set of brackets (say waist high to perform dips) without needing to totally un-install and re-install the entire thing. 

With this bar, you would be able to perform a similar number of exercises as other screw-in bars, but much, much fewer exercises compared to self-supported pull up bars

What Is It Made Out Of? How Much Can It Hold?

Pellor Pull Up Bar 1

This thing is extremely well designed

The bar itself looks like every other silver-coated screw-in pull up bar, but the differences are in the details (and build quality). ​

It weighs nearly 4 lbs (a little bit heavier than other comparable pull up bars) but more importantly...

...can support up to 350 lbs when using the pull up bar and over 400 lbs when using the rings! ​

When it comes to your children, safety is of prime importance, especially when using a piece of equipment that children like to hang from. You can't have anything popping out of place, or bending, or snapping all of the sudden due to abrupt kicks or changes of momentum. 

On that front, this bar certainly seems to have achieved that

Is It Easy To Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

Pellor Pull Up Bar 6

Although one consumer complained that her set of instructions was missing from the box (which even isn't really that much of a benefit to be honest, as the directions for these types of equipment are usually poor anyway), installation is a snap. 

Installation and set-up takes approximately 15 minutes. ​

The U-rings are attached via adjustable buckle straps. If you can work a buckle, you can easily figure out how to lengthen or shorten the rings (super easy). ​

As far as what doorways it will fit in, it's almost assured that this bar will fit your doorway, as long as it's 24-43 inches wide (that is much longer than almost every other screw-in doorway bar!) 

It's advised that your doorframe be stable, and in good shape before installation. ​

What Are the Pros? 

By far, the biggest pro of this bar are its U rings designed for small children. No other pull up bar offers as high quality U rings that I am aware of. 

This is just overall a very solidly built piece of equipment. 

Its other pros are obviously: ​

  • Very long length (24-43 inches) to be able to fit in a wide variety of doorways
  • Can support and hold far more weight than competitor screw-in doorway pull up bars
  • Very high quality grips 

What Are the Cons?

Pellor Pull Up Bar 2

That being said, not everything is perfect with this bar, and, like every other bar on the market, it's not for everyone. It's biggest downsides include: 

  • Price (it's a little bit more expensive than every other competitor bar) 
  • If you don't have small children, there is no good reason to choose this bar over any of the others I have reviewed 

We need to go over these a little bit more in-depth here. 

​Most screw-in doorway pull up bars are between $20 and $30, and this bar will cost you around 50% more than that, so the price is a bit of a downside. However, your options are incredibly limited when it comes to a bar that is specifically designed for very small children, so it's not a "real" downside in that it's not more expensive for no reason. 

The real con to this bar is the simple fact that, if you have no small children, you simply have no reason to buy this bar, especially considering the price. You can literally get the exact same thing for half the price, and a 2nd set of brackets. ​

What Are The Consumer Reviews?

Because this is a very new product, consumer reviews of this bar are still very limited. 

That doesn't necessarily mean that you should automatically shy away from it, but it should be worth noted that it's still a very new product out on the market. ​

Although consumer reviews are still limited (and still trickling in), the biggest piece of consistent praise was for the U rings, specifically their construction as well as the fact that children seem to really enjoy swinging on them. 

Is It Priced Fairly?

The price on this bar is certainly above average. 

However, it is difficult to go cheap when it comes to children, as their safety is paramount. Considering that this product is built extremely well, has very high quality grips and U rings, as well as being very stable and has the ability to hold a lot more weight than other comparable pull up bars, I do believe the price is justified. 

Final Verdict

In the opinion of, the Pellor Adjustable Children Gym Rings pull up bar deserves a...

thumbs up

It's sturdy, built well and simply the only real choice if you are looking for a bar that is specifically designed for small children. 

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