The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Review

Created by former Navy Seal Alden Mills, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym has high adjustability, built-in superior protective padding and some of the best grips in the business. 



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The Perfect Fitness combines high adjustability, built-in protective padding and high quality grips

Consumer Rating​

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

Founded by former US Navy Seal Alden Mills, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar offers a ton of unique advantages.

It has an above-average number of grip positions, which means that you can perform more exercise variations.

Here are the important things to take away for this bar.

  • Is highly adjustable, to account for different doorway thickness and width levels
  • It's grip cushioning is much better than average, and is high quality
  • It has built-in protective cushioning to protect against wall damage


Iron Gym upper body
  • Most popular doorway bar in the world
  • Extremely light at 2.2 lbs.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits doorways 24-36"


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  • Built in foam cushioning
  • 4 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 27-35"
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs.


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  • Very high ratings
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • 5 grip positions
  • Better for taller individuals

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

This pull up bar has four grip positions. They are:

  • narrow grip
  • traditional (slightly wider than shoulder-width)
  • wide grip
  • hammer grip

Depending upon how you position your hands (facing towards you, away or hammer) you could have up to 8 types of pull ups.

What Exercises Can You Do?

One of the biggest advantages of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is the number of pull up variations you could perform with it.

Most doorway pull up bars are either three or five, with three being very bare-bones and the five having tons of bars coming out every direction.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar pullup
With this product, you could perform:

  • narrow-grip pull or chin ups
  • traditional (slightly wider than shoulder-width) pull ups or chin ups
  • wide grip pull ups
  • hammer grip (palms facing in each) pull ups

Being a doorway pull up bar, you would also be able to perform:

  • elevated pushups (when device is placed flat on a floor)
  • used as a brace for situps (when placed in a doorway)
  • hanging leg raises and their variations

Forget about doing dips with this device. It simply sits way too low for you to be able to get a full range of motion.

If you would like an above-average number of pull and chin up variations, this is a good bar to get.

What Is It Made Out Of? How Much Can It Hold?

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is made out of white-coated steel covered in black cushioned foam grips.

The black cushioned foam grips are your standard doorway pull up quality (which leaves a lot to be desired), so they are prone to compressing, tearing and ripping.

You can wrap them in tape to help prevent against this.

It can hold individuals up to 220 lbs, so this is a bit on the lower end for doorway pull up bars.

This device works much better for lighter individuals.

Is It Easy To Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

The majority of at home pull up bars for doorways are usually rather easy to assemble and install. It's usually the instruction manual that causes the headaches.

Having personally read the instruction manual, I can vouch that this product is a cinch to assemble and install.

Something of a little minor addition is the inclusion of a workout progress chart and exercise list included at the end of the instruction manual.

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All necessary equipment is included in the box so you don't need any extra tools or equipment.

Let's get to the two biggest benefits for the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar.

Two of the biggest complaints about these types of products are:

  • their one-size-fits-all approach
  • damage to their doors

This product goes a long way to tackling both of these.

Most of these devices will need...

  • doorway moulding and trim order to fit on a door, and this bar is no different.

However, where it excels is its adjustability. This bar will fit doorways from...

  • 27-35 inches in width
  • up to 6.5 inch height moulding and trim
  • wall and trim thickness from 3-6.5 inches
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The bar has adjustable pin slots to adjust to different wall thickness and door trim height.

This is very exceptional for a doorway pull up bar. A huge benefit.

It doesn't end there though.

On all of the points of contact between the device and your wall, there is rubberized grey foam cushioning attached to help protect your doorway from damage.

This is also a pretty neat addition as most other doorway pull up bars do not have this.

The protective pads are not exactly super high quality, however it is something and will save you the time and headache from wrapping your bar in tape, or worse, placing cardboard in between the device and your wall (which is another issue altogether).

What Are The Pros?

Who is going to benefit the most from this particular pull up bar?

  • Lighter individuals (ideally under 200 lbs)
  • Those unsure of the dimensions of their doorway
  • Those who want an above-average number of pull and chin up variations
  • Those who are concerned about the product leaving scuff marks and damaging their doorways

The biggest benefits of this product are its above average number of grip positions, its adjustability to your doorway width and door trimming, as well as the protective pads placed on the points of contact.

What Are Its Cons?

Although it has a ton of benefits and advantages, this device is just not ideal for everyone.

  • is not suitable individuals +220 lbs (ideally 200 lbs)
  • will not fit narrower doorways
  • individuals who need to travel a lot and bring a bar with them

By far the biggest disadvantage of this product is that heavier individuals won't be able to use it.

If this is you, you might want to check out the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus, which is much sturdier, thicker, can support heavier and taller individuals and is better for those with narrower doorways.

What Are Its Consumer Ratings?

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is one of the most highly rated doorway products on the market today.

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When you are comparing products, you should look at two things (all other things being equal):

  • the number of reviews the product has
  • the overall rating those reviewers have given

The higher both of these metrics, the more likely that you will be satisfied.

Luckily, this pull up bar scores above average on both of these counts.

It has an above-average number of reviews, and a significant majority of consumers have given it a maximum score.

The biggest complaint are its grip cushions, which can feel a bit cheap.

This is a pretty common complaint against nearly all doorway pull and chin up bars however.

Awesome especially for the price! Super easy to install after a little adjustment. Easy to put up and take down. I have recommended this to many of my workout pals. I haven't used it for the other fitness options.

What A Consumer Says...

Is It Priced Fairly?

Most doorway pull up bars are priced somewhere in the teens to low thirties.

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is priced slightly higher than the middle of that.

Taking into account its unique adjustability, its built-in padding and above average number of grip positions, this seems like a very fair price.


In our final opinion, we would give the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar a...

thumbs up

The primary reasons for this are its:

  • adjustability
  • built-in padding
  • above-average grip positions

For lighter individuals, this is one of the best pull up bars that you can buy.

For a super easy comparison chart of doorway pull up bars, check out our table here.


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