ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Bar Review

The ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Bar (what a name!) is a doorway screw-in pull up bar better suited for kids and lighter individuals. 


ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite

The ProSource Heavy Duty Lite is an inexpensive alternative to pricy pull up bars with too many options

Consumer Rating

Overview & Features

This pull up bar's bigger cousin, the ProSource Multi-Grip, is one of the best doorway pull up bars in the business. 

As for this screw-in bar?

It has some benefits, such as; 

  • Very inexpensive 
  • Easy to install
  • Can fit doorways from 25-39" wide, which is much wider than most other pull up bars
  • Decent grip comfort

However, it has some drawbacks as well. 

Read below to get the whole scoop on the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite. 


Iron Gym upper body
  • Most popular doorway bar in the world
  • Extremely light at 2.2 lbs.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits doorways 24-36"


perfect fitness example
  • Built in foam cushioning
  • 4 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 27-35"
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs.


doorway trainer main
  • Very high ratings
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • 5 grip positions
  • Better for taller individuals

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Bar Review 1

This pull up bar comes with ; 

  • one set of non-adjustable grips

The grips themselves are fairly good quality, much like the non-screw in Multi-Grip's. 

The grips are black in color and should feel fairly comfortable in your hand. Often times the grips on these bars will indent, stick and harden after repeated lengthy usage. ​

However, they are also non-adjustable, which means that you cannot easily adjust them to a different width, which you may want to do. 

What Exercises Can You Do?

With the ProSource Heavy Duty you would be able to perform; 

  • Traditional width (shoulder) pull ups 
  • Sit-ups by using the bar as a brace for your feet lower on the doorway 
  • Tricep dips, reverse pushups by installing the brackets around waist high 


Many parents will purchase a screw-in doorway pull up bar like this for their younger kids. If you are purchasing this bar for your son or daughter to perform pull ups, it will work fine

If however you are purchasing this bar as something that they can perform gymnastics on, beware; there is a screw in the middle of the bar that could potentially scrape their belly or stomach if they were to perform a move on it. 

If this is you, check out the j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up bar, which not only has adjustable grips but also telescopes out of one end, which would be a little bit safer for this type of thing. 

What Is It Made Out Of?

The ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym lite is made out of chrome steel and weighs a solid 3.4 lbs (1.5 kg)

That actually makes it heavier than the Iron Gym non screw-in pull up bar, so it's fairly stable. 

The somewhat bad news is that it will only hold up 220 lbs (100 kg), so this bar is definitely better for kids or lighter adults. 

On top of this, at wider doorway lengths the bar tends to sag in the middle, so again, this bar is definitely better for lighter individuals.

ProSource Heavy Duty



Can Hold


3.4 lbs

220 lbs

Is It Easy to Install? What Doors Can It Fit?

ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Bar Review 2

The installation of this pull up bar is fairly straightforward, although many consumers complained about the lack of instructions. 

The box comes with one bar, the necessary screws as well as one set of chrome brackets and a set of stoppers (that fit onto either end of the bar). 

Tools however do not come with it.

One of the bigger drawbacks of this bar is that it only comes with one set of brackets. That means that in order to say, do sit-ups, you would need to totally un-install the brackets from their position and re-install them at another position. The j/fit Deluxe, on the other hand, comes with two sets of brackets so that you can more easily switch between heights and exercises. 

In order to use the bar properly, it's probably best that your doorway; 

  • be between 25-39" wide 
  • the brackets screw into wood or some other comparable material 
  • be in an area where people do not constantly come in and out

What Are The Pros?

ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Bar Review 4

What are the pros of the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite? 

  • incredibly inexpensive, one of the least pricy pull up bars on the market
  • the grip comfortability is fairly good 
  • can fit a much wider range of doorways, from 25-39", than most other doorway pull up bars
  • good for kids to perform pull up bars on 
  • a lot of consumers would also use it as a very stable clothes rack (really)

Overall however, the biggest benefit is by far its price point. It is simply much, much cheaper than most of its competition, so if you are looking for something kind of "bare bones", this is not a bad choice.

What Are The Cons?

What are the cons of the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite?

  • can only hold individuals up to 220 lbs, and tends to sag in the middle at wider doorways (somewhat common though with these bars)
  • the grips are not really adjustable, so you are left with only performing basic exercises
  • there is only set of brackets provided, which means that you cannot easily change the height to change exercises

Check out our comparison table of doorway pull up bars if any of these apply to you. 

What Are Its Consumer Ratings?

This pull up bar has an average overall rating, relative to other pull up bars. 

It also has an average number of overall reviews. 

Putting both of these things together, and chances are, you are likely to be just barely satisfied with the product. Not blown away, but probably satisfied. 

The most common piece of consumer praise was that it is inexpensive and great for kids to do pullups. 

The most common consumer complaint was its non-adjustable grips and inability to hold heavier individuals sturdily. 

Received this quickly, installed it in my son's room (he is 12) and he loves it! So far so good. It is solid and sturdy and i would recommend purchasing this for anyone interested in a good heavy duty pull up bar.

What A Consumer Says...

Is It Priced Fairly?

Most doorway pull up bars are priced in the high teens to high twenties in terms of price. 

The ProSource Heavy Duty Lite is well below that range. 

Considering the fact that it is incredibly inexpensive, for what you get it's not a terribly bad deal. 


Overall, this pull up bar deserves a....

thumbs up and down

On the one hand, the bar is...

  • incredibly inexpensive 
  • good for kids to perform pull ups on

However, on the other hand...

  • the grips are non-adjustable 
  • it cannot hold individuals more than 220 lbs 
  • it only contains one set of brackets

And so, if you are looking for something bare bones for your kids to perform pull ups on, it's a decent choice. There are better choices, like the j/fit Deluxe, but it will likely get the job done. 

To see a bigger selection of doorway pull up bars, check out our comparison table here


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