ProSource Multi-Grip vs. Iron Gym Extreme

The ProSource Multi-Grip and Iron Gym Upper Body Extreme are two of the best doorway pull up bars on the market today.

Both have 5-grips (which is MUCH more than your average bar offers).

Both have been highly reviewed a lot of times.

Both are very popular, and very good products.


But what if you can't decide between the two? Does one have the edge over the other?

Let's find out.


ProSource MultiGrip Review 3

The Iron Gym Upper Body is one of most popular doorway pull up bars in the world. 

ProSource Multi-Grip

The ProSource Multi-Grip is one of the most popular doorway pull up bars in the world, and for good reason.

It's one of the highest rated, most reviewed and best quality bars out there.

And it's also one of the best bars to get for serious fitness enthusiasts, due to its 5 grip positions.

Here's the perks:

  • 5 grip positions
  • Fits doorways from 24-32" (majority)
  • A good bargain at under $30

Read the review HERE.



Iron Gym Upper Body Extreme Edition Pull Up Bar Review

The Iron Gym Extreme takes off where the original Iron Gym began

Iron Gym Upper Body Extreme

The Iron Gym Extreme on the other hand, is a step up from its ground-breaking original predecessor, the Iron Gym.

Like the ProSource Multi-Grip, the Extreme has 5 grips, is quite popular and has a ton of great, positive reviews to go alongside it.

It's also loaded with a ton of benefits as well:

  • 5 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 24-32" (majority)
  • It has high quality foam-padding for grips

Read the review HERE.

It's only natural that these two bars make any consumer's "Top Doorway Pull Up Bars" list. The hard part is deciding between the two.

How To Choose Between the ProSource & Iron Gym

You already know that you want a high-quality pull up bar with as many grip positions as possible, that has already been vetted through numerous, positive reviews.

Now how do you take it a step further?

Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • which bar will fit more doorways
  • which bar will protect your doorway from damage
  • which bar is sturdier
  • which bar's grips are more comfortable
  • which bar is the better value for your money

All of these are going to be important, but's its also crucial that we take a look at any comparison between the two products from a total, rather than partial comparison.

ProSource vs. Iron Gym Extreme


Iron Gym Extreme




Fit Doorways

Doorway Protection

Grip Quality

Let's dig a little deeper here, starting with the advantages of the ProSource.

The ProSource Multi-Grip is a little bit sturdier

iron gym extreme pullup

Both bars are very good quality, and capable of supporting individuals up to 300 lbs, however the ProSource is a tad heavier (10 lbs vs. 8 lbs).

As both bars have two interlocking main bars, the edge here goes to the ProSource due it's higher mass.

The ProSource is more inexpensive

Neither bar is overly-expensive, and both are very good bargains on the dollar, but the ProSource Multi-Grip has the edge here on price, even if that price difference (less than $10) isn't substantial.

And now let's look at where the Iron Gym Upper Body Extreme wins out.

The Iron Gym Extreme can fit more doorways

Both products will fit the majority of doorways with trim and moulding, but the Extreme has the edge here, as it can fit doorways from 24-34", whereas the ProSource can fit from 24-32".

As both products are very similar in dimensions and the width of trim that they can accommodate (over 3.5"), the Extreme gets this one.

The Iron Gym Extreme has better doorway trim protection

ProSource MultiGrip Review

Black scuff marks on doorways is a very common side-effect from doorway pull up bars. It's so common in fact, that more and more distributors have installed pre-built-in foam-padded protective covers on the back brace and support bars.

For the ProSource, this is simple rubber padding, which can leave marks behind. The Iron Gym Extreme on the other hand, has built-in foam-padding that gives it a little more protective power.

The Extreme gets the nod for more protection.

The Iron Gym Extreme has better grips

Lastly, the grips. On the ProSource they are your standard black-foam grips. The Extreme also uses black-foam grips, but they are of a little bit better quality.

Cheap grips have a tendency to compress, tear and rip with wear, so having higher-quality grips will not only make your exercise sessions feel better, but it will also save you the headache of doing some home-repair on your device.

Summary - Who Wins?

Just looking at the score card here, the Iron Gym Extreme is the overall (slightly) better product.

But that comes with a significant caveat.

If you are a larger or heavier individual, you will still probably want to go with the ProSource because of its sturdiness.

Likewise, if you are looking for a really good 5-grip doorway pull up bar, the ProSource is a steal at its lower cost.

That being said, for most individuals out there, the Iron Gym is the better choice. Its superior grips, wider doorway-size usage and better built-in doorway trim protection are simply too much for the ProSource to overcome.


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