Pull Up Bar Damage To Your Wall – How to Protect Against It

If you have done any research about doorway bars, you may have run across consumer comments talking about pull up bar damage to their walls.

This quick, simple article will address the first issue.


Every product has user complaints. No product is perfect.

When it comes to doorway pull up bars, the two most common complaints are;

  • pull up bar damage to their walls
  • the product not fitting their doorframe

Some Common Complaints

Pull up bar damage is a somewhat common problem, however there are many things you can do to protect your doorframe and wall from damage.

Furthermore, with just a little of research and being pointed in the right direction, you can outright stop and avoid the problem altogether.

However, here are a few of complaints.

After I had been using mine for a few months I noticed a nail protruding indicating that the molding had pulled out a little. I put some wood glue in the opening and hammered it back in so it's solid now. 

What Consumers Have Said...

I haven't noticed any black marks on the wall. My door frame is oak, so I wouldn't notice any black marks there. There is this little metal safety device that you are supposed to use; it has left dents in my paint.

What More Consumers Have Said... 

And here's an example of what that damage often looks like.

Pull up bar damage to doorframe example

pull up bar damage

Pull up bar damage to doorframe example

How to Avoid Pull Up Bar Damage to Your Walls

There are a few primary reasons that pull up bars would do some damage to your wall;

  • the device itself is assembled or installed incorrectly, or it is simply low quality
  • the device itself does not have any protective padding built in
  • the doorframe being used is not sturdy or high quality

Here's how to easily avoid this problem.

Check out our comparison page found HERE and only select high quality pull up bars. Make sure you read the individual reviews as well.

That will ensure that you avoid accidentally purchasing a low quality bar.

However, just that alone may not totally prevent wall damage from occurring.

If you are still worried about the possibility of damage to your doorframe, then I would highly suggest that you look into pull up bars that already have built-in protective padding and grips.

It will look something like this;

perfect fitness multi gym

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym has built-in protective padding

One highly-rated pull up bar that offers this is;

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

Lastly, if you are even still worried about potential damage, then you can take a page out of what several other consumers have done and take matters into your own hands.

All that needs to be done is to wrap around the back brace (the part that sits on top of your doorframe) and the ends of the main bar (the parts that are braced on either side of your doorframe) in some kind of material, such as;

  • socks
  • tape
  • placing cardboard in between the contact points and your doorframe


Pull up bar damage to your walls is a somewhat common problem, but it is easily and quickly fixable by;

  • purchasing a higher quality and better pull up bar
  • making sure the bar has either built-in protective padding or you modify it by covering the points of contact


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