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Why are the Grip Positions Important?

The more grip positions, the better, pull up bar reviews

If you've ever done a pull up before, then you know that:

  • the bar can't be too wide or too narrow
  • your grip position is important, depending on what area of your upper body you want to hit the most
  • the more places you can place your hands, the better

That last bullet point is very important.

Essentially, the more places you can place your hands on the pull up bar, the more freedom and variety you will have in your workout.

The more grip positions, the better

That said, if all of those places have an 'unnatural feel', such as the bar being too wide or too narrow, or the material feels too soft or too slippery, your hands and thus your pull ups, are going to suffer.

Thus, where the grips are positioned and how they are positioned that way should be of ultra-importance to you in any pull up reviews that you read.

Check out our review of the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar for a pull up bar with a very large number of grip positions.

This will then naturally lead to the next section, which is...

Why are the Exercises You Can Perform Important?

The more pull up variations, the better

What do you need to perform a pull up correctly?

Just a horizontal bar in which you can lift yourself off the ground, right?

Well, yes and no.

At the bare minimum, you should expect that any doorway or freestanding pull up bar meet this basic requirement.

However, given that most people use pull up bars for workouts at home, and given that most people do not have...

  • a squat rack
  • a power rack
  • a bench
  • assorted dumbbells
  • assorted machines
  • etc.

...in their home,

The more pull up variations, the better

it stands to reason that any piece of equipment that you buy should provide as much value, in terms of variety of exercises, as possible.

Now, in terms of pull up bars, the more of these exercises you are able to perform, the better.

  • shoulder-width pull ups and chin ups
  • wide grip pull ups and chin ups
  • narrow grip pull ups and chin ups
  • hammer grip (palms facing each other) pull ups and chin ups
  • extra positions (in between shoulder and wide grip, etc.)

Why is the Material and its Quality Important?

high quality steel pull up bars

You can have 8 grip positions and all of that isn't going to matter if the device crumples in less than a year.

You can do every pull up and chin up variation that you desire, and that isn't going to matter if, when you hang on the bar it bends and feels unsafe.

Obviously, the material of the product should be of utmost importance to you, for safety and longevity purposes.

There are two things that you need to pay particular attention to when it comes to pull up bars.

  • the strength of the bar itself, what material is it made out of?
  • the grips, what material are they made out of?

Let's go over the material first.

Anything that has a lot of plastic should be an immediate red flag.

The thicker and higher quality the material, the better.

Plastic bars simply do not do a good job of holding up people off the ground.

The thicker and stronger the bar, the better.

Typically, this should be some sort of high-grade metal or steel.

Furthermore, the fewer interlocking pieces, the better. Even if you've got very high-grade, thick steel, it can come apart at the hinges and at spots where it interlocks, as typically these areas don't use high-quality items.

Now let's talk about the grips.

Here's the thing about the majority of pull up bars, the grips are typically some sort of cheap foam cushioning.

They are usually not very comfortable in your hands, and often tear and degrade very quickly.

To get around this, many consumers will wrap an old t-shirt of lining around the grips.

However, you should be at least cognizant of what type of material the grips are using.

Why is the Assembly and Ability to Hang on Door Frames Important?

Some pull up bars won't fit on all door frames

Some pull up bars won't fit on all door frames

There are two things that you should be on the lookout for when you shop for a pull up bar.

Both of them will either be of high or low importance to you, depending on your particular needs.

  • how quickly and easily you can assemble and disassemble it

  • Some pull up bars won't fit on all door frames

  • what door frames and areas you can set the product on

Let's address the first bullet-point.

If you are a person who travels often, and wants to get in a workout in your hotel room for instance, then carrying around a cumbersome pull up bar is going to be too problematic.

You're going to want something that is light, but sturdy and something that can be assembled and disassembled quickly, as well as fit on a good number of doorways.

On the other hand, there are a lot of homes these days that have non-traditional doorways, or door frames with thick trimming and moulding, or doors that are set very close to corners, etc.

In that case, you are naturally going to want a product that will easily fit under these circumstances.

Always be sure to first work out why and where you need a pull up bar, and then choose based on that.

Why Should You Pay Attention to the Consumer Ratings?

When it comes to pull up bar reviews, there are two things that generally matter:

  • what are the overall ratings for a specific product
  • how many reviews are there for that product

You should look at the overall ratings, and the number of them

The better the overall ratings, and the more people that have reviewed the product, the higher your chances are of you being satisfied with that product.

Furthermore, this section is always included in our own reviews to point out what are the general trends of that product.

For pull up bars, these are typically things such as:

  • what doorways and door frames the bar can fit in
  • the quality of the material and grips
  • other problems that tend to creep up

Does the Price Matter?

We have also included a section on price, specifically on whether or not we think you would get a fair value out of the product for its price.

Generally speaking, most pull up bars (at least doorway pull up bars) are going to be less than $40, so it's not going to take a huge bite out of your wallet (as opposed to free standing bars, which can easily cost well over $100).

That said, any money you plunk down for a pull up bar, you should want to get fair value in return, and so we have included this section as well.


Hopefully, by now you should know what six areas of any pull up bar you should inspect first, and why.

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