This is one of the most innovative, awesome doorway pull up bars to launch recently. In fact, I knew from the second I saw it that I would like it. And you will too. The caveat? It will cost you. But just a bit. 


Stamina Boulder Fit 

Stamina X Boulder Doorway Trainer Review 4

Want to build muscle and feel as if you're climbing a rock all within the safety of your own home? It doesn't get better than this. 


I'll get straight to the point here. This bar is awesome. It's not perfect, and it's not for everyone, but it has a LOT going for it. 

  • At 13 pounds, it is ridiculously sturdy. 13 pounds!! 
  • Has unique, innovate rock climbing hand holds to give your pull ups a totally different feel
  • Also able to perform standard and hammer grip pull-ups on foam cushioned bars
  • Some built-in protective foam padding 

For a more comprehensive review of this bar, read the rest of this review. 

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

Stamina X Boulder Doorway Trainer Review 4

The Stamina | X Boulder Doorway Trainer has three main grip positions: 

  • U-ring grip 
  • Straight bar grip 
  • Rock climbing hand holds

The U-ring and straight bar has your standard black colored, foam cushioning grip. As far as the actual grip quality,  I felt that it was a little above average. It didn't feel as cheap as some of the other, more lower priced bars. 

What Exercises Can You Do?

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With this bar, you would be able to perform: 

  • Traditional shoulder-length pull ups or chin ups 
  • Hammer-grip pull ups on the U-rings 
  • Close-grip rock climbing hand hold pull-ups (these will really build up hand and forearm strength!) 
  • Variations of using 1 hand on the rock climbing hand hold, and the other on the U-ring in different positions
  • Leg raises 
  • Sit ups (with the bar used as a brace between the doorway) 
  • Dips (cannot really do full range of motion)

With this pull up bar, you would certainly be able to perform a much larger than average number of exercise variations, thanks to the rock climbing hand holds.

The only thing that this bar really lacks is the ability to do wide-grip pull ups that really target your lats. If you are into more traditional methods of building muscle using more traditional types of pull ups, then it might be better if you look elsewhere

That being said, there simply is (to my knowledge) no other pull up bar this innovate on the market right now. I'm sure copy-cats will follow (as they always do in this gym equipment niche), but as of late 2016, this is the only bar that I've seen with these rock climbing hand holds.

If you've never rock climbed before, trust me, it REALLY builds up your grip, hand and forearm strength.

And as a lot of exercise programs leave out this type of exercise, this is an AWESOME way to build up your back, as well as the rest of your arms. ​

What Is It Made Out Of? How Much Can It Hold?

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The Stamina | X Boulder Trainer is built with dark red coated thick steel and topped off with black foam cushioning for the grips. 

As noted up above, this thing clocks in at a staggering 13 pounds. 13 pounds!!??? 

For a comparison, the Iron Gym Upper Body comes in at a super light 2.2 lbs, and the (also sturdy) Perfect Fitness comes in at 8. 

Suffice to say, this thing is ridiculously sturdy

The weight capacity of this bar is listed at anything up to 250 lbs, which sounds about right. Unlike some of the other bars however, this bar should still feel very firm and secure even when being used by individuals who are on the heavier side

Is It Easy To Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

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Probably one of the bigger (not really in my estimation) drawbacks to this particular doorway pull up bar is that it is a bit more difficult to put together and assemble compared to other bars. 

Most doorway pull up bars take less than 15 minutes to put together. This bar takes a little bit longer than that, due to some extra parts (particularly the rock climbing hand hold section), but it's honestly not that bad.

I put it together in less than half an hour. Easily. ​

As far as what doorways it will fit, as long as your doorway has trim and moulding (so that it can latch onto the back), and is between 24-32" wide, it will fit

I don't know of any extensions that are offered, so if you have bigger doorways, check out our comparison table of other bars that will fit. ​

What Are The Pros? 

By far, the biggest pro of this bar are the rock climbing hand holds

This is just awesome for a home exercise piece of equipment. ​

You simply cannot get this on any other piece of home gym equipment that I know of. And if you can get it, you will probably pay a lot more money.

Now, if you're like me and you don't really enjoy rock climbing, that is fine. That actually doesn't matter. What matters is the workout you can get, the muscle you can build, and how comfortable you feel during it. 

On all three of these accounts, this bar delivers

And then there is the weight. This sucker is heavy! So, if you also value sturdiness, well, it doesn't get anymore safe and secure than this bar. 

What Are The Cons? 

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Not everything is perfect with the Stamina | X Boulder Doorway Trainer. 

There are two main cons to this bar. ​

  • It's more expensive than other bars 
  • You can't perform wide-grip pull ups 

Let's tackle price first. Most pull up bars are priced between $20 and $30 or so. 

This bar is slightly north of $40. So, if you're comfortable dishing out the extra $10 or so, then this shouldn't be an obstacle.

On the other hand, the lack of wide-grip pull up support is also problematic, as to be perfectly honest, I have come to expect this option on just about every doorway bar that I test. ​

You can kind of get around this by performing different, unique pull up variations using the rock climbing hand holds, but it's not the exact same, so if you want to build up your lats specifically, you should check out something that offers wide grip pull ups, like the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro. ​

What Are The Consumer Reviews? 

That being said, the consumer reviews of this bar are certainly above average. 

Although it should be noted that, even though the average rating is a bit above average, since this is a newish product it still doesn't have as many reviews in yet. ​

The number of positive reviews outnumbered negative reviews for this bar by a factor of 4. ​

By far the biggest piece of praise was its sturdy construction and the rock climbing hand holds.

Similarly, the most common complaint was it being a little complicated to assemble and it not fitting peoples' doorways. ​

Is It Priced Fairly?

The price on this bar, is certainly above average. 

That being said, in my estimation, considering the fact that the bar is highly innovative and gives you something (rock climbing hand holds) that you literally cannot find anywhere else for the price and convenience, I believe the price is justifiable. ​

Final Verdict

In the opinion of, the Stamina | X Boulder Doorway Trainer deserves a...

thumbs up

I knew I would like this bar the first time I saw it, and I'm willing to bet you will too. 

It's highly innovative, and offers unparalleled stability and convenience in your own home. ​

For an easy to use comparison table to quickly review other doorway pull up bars, please click HERE


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