Stamina Doorway Trainer Review

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is a popular, highly rated 5 grip doorway pull up bar. 



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The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus has very high reviews, great grips and a ton of different grip positions

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is one of the most popular AND highly rated doorway pull up bars on the market today.

It's also one of the more aesthetically-pleasing devices, with thick chrome steel and black cushioned grips.

It has a very strong build quality, grip quality and its overall consumer rating is well above average with a very high number of reviews, which means that you are very likely to be satisfied.

  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • It's grip cushioning is much better than average, and is high quality
  • 5 grip positions


Iron Gym upper body
  • Most popular doorway bar in the world
  • Extremely light at 2.2 lbs.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits doorways 24-36"


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  • Built in foam cushioning
  • 4 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 27-35"
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs.


doorway trainer main
  • Very high ratings
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • 5 grip positions
  • Better for taller individuals

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus has five grip positions. They are:

  • narrow grip
  • two traditional grips (slightly wider than shoulder width)
  • two hammer grips (palms facing in towards each other)

One of the traditional width grips uses the U-bar, so it will just slightly change your grip. The advantage of this second traditional grip is that it's a little bit more out away from the doorway, so if you're a taller person, you have less of a chance of hitting your head on the doorframe.

For taller individuals, this is a little bit better.

What Exercises Can You Do?

The Stamina Doorway Trainer has an above-average number of grip positions, which means that you can do a few more chin up or pull up variations.

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With it, you would be able to perform the following exercises:

  • narrow grip pull ups or chin ups
  • traditional (slightly wider than shoulder width) pull ups or chin ups
  • hammer (palms facing towards each other) pull ups or chin ups

And, much like other doorway pull up bars, you would also be able to perform:

  • hanging leg raises
  • elevated pushups by placing the device on the floor
  • sit ups by using the Stamina Trainer as a brace for your feet in a doorway

This doesn't come with any accessories, such as ab straps or an ab roller for extra work.

In the promo material it states that you can perform dips by placing it on the floor, but (just like every other doorway trainer) you would still be sitting way too low on the ground to achieve proper depth and range of motion.

If you are a looking for a doorway pull up bar that would give you an above-average number of pull up and chin up variations, this device would work for you.

What Is It Made Out of?

One of the biggest pros of the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is its material and build quality.

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The bulk of the product is made out of a thick steel chrome.

The grips are black non-slip and a little thicker and more comfortable than other products on average.

Because of their higher quality, the grips are one of the most highly rated aspects of this pull up bar.

The instruction manual states that this doorway trainer will support individuals up to 250 pounds, which is average for these products.

On the other hand, one of the most highly rated and positive aspects of this product is its sturdiness and secureness. A very strong majority of consumers stated that they felt this bar felt 'very secure', a lot of that probably having to do with the thick steel chrome bars that it has.

Is It Easy to Install? What Doorways Will It Fit?

Installation for the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is very simple and should not take more than 10 minutes, at the most.

There are seven main pieces, and all the screws, washers, nuts and wrenches come with the box.

If however you want to hang this device up in a permanent location, you will be out of luck because braces do not come with the box, nor does Stamina offer them.

Since this product uses leverage, after assembly it is super easy to set up. It literally takes a few seconds.

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus (just like other doorway pull up bars) does not fit in all doorways.

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Your doorway must have:

  • doorway moulding
  • doorway trim


  • this product will only fit doorways that are 24-32 inches wide, a doorway that is 23 inches wide will be too narrow for the rings to fit
  • the doorway trim needs to be 5.5 inches in width (from top to bottom) or the brace won't be able to hook over it

Unfortunately, this product will only fit on more traditional doorways. There are no extensions that come with the box, or that are offered by stamina through a mail-in card.

So, if you've got a doorway that is more than 32 inches, you might want to check out our review on the Iron Gym, a similar pull up bar that offers extensions for wider doorways.

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On top of this product being very sturdy, there is one other additional feature that should concern you.

Scuff marks on your doorway and walls.

Most doorway pull up bars will tend to leave them. Part of this is due to the quality of the bars and the grips, as well as how the devices use their leverage.

The good news is that, at least in terms of leaving black scuff marks, the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is much better about protecting your walls and doorway. If you are concerned about this, place tape or wrap the contact points in an old t-shirt.

As far as traveling with the device is concerned, that's a no-go.

The product is too heavy, there are too many pieces and it would take up too much space in your luggage.

What are the Pros?

Who would value and benefit most from the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus?

  • those looking for a doorway bar with an above-average number of grip positions
  • a little bit better for taller individuals because of its rings
  • those who want to prioritize sturdiness and build-quality
  • those who do not need to take a doorway pull up bar with them for travel purposes
  • those who have traditional doorway frames

What are the Cons?

Who should steer clear of this product?

  • those who want to permanently affix a pull up bar somewhere in their home
  • those who do not have traditional doorway frames
  • those who travel often and need to bring a fitness accessory with them to do pull up or chin ups

If this is you, check out some other products and our review section to get a better idea of a pull up bar that would be of more use to you.

What are its Consumer Ratings?

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is one of the most highly rated doorway pull up bars on the market today.

And these aren't flukes or just a few people pushing up their average either, as the product has a very high number of reviews.

When reviewing a doorway pull up bar, you should consider two things in terms of the consumer reviews

  • the number of reviews (are there a lot of reviews)
  • the quality of the reviews (are they positive or negative)

On both of these measures this product passes our test.

This bar is going to do exactly what you want. It is amazing for doing push ups in varying hand positions with perfect form.

What A Consumer Says...

Is It Priced Fairly?

Most doorway pull up bars are priced somewhere in the teens to low thirties.

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is priced right in the middle of that on most e-commerce stores, which would make it a good bargain.

Considering its above-average build quality, its above average number of grip positions and its middle-of-the-pack price point, we would say that the price is very fair for this product.

However, on the official website it is listed at DOUBLE its price, so you would want to avoid that.


In our final opinion, we would give the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus a...

thumbs up

The main reason for this is:

  • its above average build quality and customer satisfaction
  • its above average number of grip positions

For a super easy comparison chart of doorway pull up bars, check out our table here.


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