Want to get in shape within the comfort of your own home, AND do it for less than a meal for a family of 4 at McD's? 

Then you're in luck because this article is going to lay out the top 3 pull up bars under $20.


Typically, you get what you pay for. That is as much true about houses and cars as it is about pull up bars. There is a reason why some of the more expensive bars are also some of the more highly rated (in general, there are always exceptions). 

All of these bars have flaws, but they are also the best of the rest, and should get the job done (without too much headache). ​

So, without further adieu, here are your best options. ​

Wacces 3-in-1

Wacces 3-In-1 Fitness Exercise Pull Up Bar

The Wacces 3-In-1 will not only fit most doorways, but its the only doorway pull up bar that offers free ab straps

Wacces 3-In-1

If you want to get a good workout in, then the Wacces 3-In-1 might be right up your alley. 

And all for less than $20.

Among some of the benefits of this pull up bar include:​

  • Comes with free ab straps in the box
  • Has 3 grip positions, so you can do narrow, traditional and hammer grip pull ups
  • Fits doorways from 24-32" (most doorways)
  • Incredibly easy to set up and install 

You can read the full review of this pull up bar HERE

The biggest benefit of this pull up bar (besides the obvious fact that it is incredibly inexpensive) is that you get a free set of ab straps that comes with it. 

As far as I have seen, no other pull up bar complimentarily offers this. ​

This is a fairly big benefit especially for those who like to perform any type of hanging leg raises. ​

It also holds individuals up to 250 lbs, which should be sufficient for the average Joe or Jane. 

What are the knocks? ​

  • It's not as sturdy as other more expensive pull up bars (especially for those around 250 lbs or so) 
  • The grip cushioning is a little small and feels cheap, as well as being prone to being compressed 

Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose

Pure Fitness Pull Up Bar Main

For the price, you are probably not going to find a better overall value for your dollar than the Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose

Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose

If you're looking for something a bit more sturdy than the Wacces, you might want to check out the Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose. 

Among its benefits: 

  • Sturdier than the Wacces 3-In-1
  • Grip cushioning a little bit better quality than the Wacces 3-In-1
  • 3 grip positions (hammer, narrow and traditional)

To read the full review, please click HERE

The biggest benefit of this bar is it's sturdiness and better grip quality, relative to the Wacces 3-In-1. 

Lighter individuals (under 200 lbs) should definitely feel a little bit more secure on this bar, versus the Wacces, but not necessarily by much. 

The most significant difference between the two are probably the grips. The grips on the Wacces are rather small, and while they are still on the smaller end on the Pure Fitness, they should more easily accommodate most individuals. ​

And the drawbacks? ​

  • Only fits doorways from 27-32" (much smaller than the Wacces)
  • No complimentary ab straps (or any other freebies)
  • Not significantly better in any one particular aspect vs the Wacces

Thus, if you're looking for a doorway bar under $20, the Wacces 3-In-1 is probably going to be the better deal for you in most cases, vis-a-vis the Multi-Purpose. 

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up will allow you to do cheap pull ups within the safety and comfort of your own home.

Sunny Health & Fitness Bar

What if you're not necessarily looking for a self-mounted doorway pull up bar? 

What if you just want the overall BEST VALUE? ​

Then look no further than the Sunny Health & Fitness Screw-in Bar. 

  • Will allow you to perform pull up bars in nearly any doorway that is between 24.5 and 36" wide 
  • Has sliding, adjustable grips (huge benefit)
  • Light bar that is easy to set-up
  • Can hold individuals up to 220 lbs.

Click HERE to read the full review.

The biggest benefit of this screw-in bar is the quality that you get at under $20. If you are willing to mount semi-permanent brackets to your doorway, this should probably be at the top of your list. 

The Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the most reviewed pull up bars on Amazon, and with over three times as many positive as negative reviews, you have a fairly high chance of being overall satisfied with the product. 

What about the drawbacks? ​

  • Requires permanent brackets 
  • To perform other exercises, such as dips or sit-ups, you would need to re-install the brackets
  • You can only really perform two variations of pull ups and chin ups (given that it's a single bar)

So, if you're looking for a bar that might not fit your doorway due to length or other reasons, you might want to strongly consider this bar over the others. 

How the Ratings Were Assigned

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up Review

How were these three pull up bars determined to be the Top 20 Under $20? 

By looking at considering a few others, namely:

  • Overall consumer rating as well as total number of reviews, number of positive versus negative reviews
  • The width and types of doorways that they are able to fit 
  • Any extras or freebies that come with the bars 
  • The overall build quality and structural soundness of the pull up bar
  • How many exercises you are able to perform 
  • The grip quality and sturdiness

Considering all of these factors, you would be very hard pressed to find a pull up bar that meets and exceeds all of those for under $20

However, there are bars, such as the Wacces 3-In-1, that definitely meet a few and will serve to at least get you to where you want to be. ​

Since we need to consider the fact that we aren't going to get a top-of-the-line bar, then we can go for the best of the rest. Any pull up bars that have not received a "Do Not Buy" warning while meeting as many of the above requirements as possible. ​

After that, it's rather easy to see how these three bars take the Top 3 Under $20 positions.

If you would like to see a similar post, check out the Top Pull Up Bars Under $30 article, for a list of pull up bars that are of significantly higher value and quality. ​


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