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The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar offers a ton of grips, built-in protective pads and fits many wider doorways. 



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The Yes4All has a ton of grip positions, comes in two different sizes and fits a wide range of doorways

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The Yes4All Deluxe

The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is one serious doorway pull up bar.

If you are looking for a doorway pull up bar that offers a ton of exercise variations, this is one of the best choices out there today.

It offers a ton of grip positions, much more than its competitors, as well as coming in two different sizes for different doorways, as well as two different models.

For a doorway pull up bar, you can't really ask for more than that.

  • Can fit doorways from 27-35", which is much wider than most other doorway pull up bars
  • It has built-in protective cushioning to protect against wall damage


Iron Gym upper body
  • Most popular doorway bar in the world
  • Extremely light at 2.2 lbs.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits doorways 24-36"


perfect fitness example
  • Built in foam cushioning
  • 4 grip positions
  • Fits doorways 27-35"
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs.


doorway trainer main
  • Very high ratings
  • Very sturdy at 8 lbs. 
  • 5 grip positions
  • Better for taller individuals

How Many Grip Positions Are There?

This pull up bar has five grip positions. They are:

  • narrow-grip in the center
  • traditional shoulder-width grip
  • wide grip
  • two hammer grips (palms facing each other) on U-rings

Theoretically, you could have 10 grip positions by supinating your hands on each grip.

What Exercises Can You Do?

One of the biggest benefits of the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is its very large number of grip positions, that enables you to do a ton of pull and chin up variations.

yes4all Hammer example
With it, you would be able to perform:

  • narrow-grip pull or chin ups
  • traditional (slightly wider than shoulder-width) grip pull or chin ups
  • wide-grip pull ups
  • two variations of hammer grip (palms facing each other) using the U-rings

There are two grips on either side of each U-ring, so your palm would be slightly angled in different directions. This is good as one might feel much more comfortable than the other.

Being a typical doorway pull up bar, you would also be able to perform other exercises, such as:

  • hanging leg raises and their variations
  • pushups by placing the device on the ground and using the grips
  • a brace for your legs (placed in the doorway) to do situps

If anything, Yes4All deserves some brownie points for admitting (on their official website) that you are able to perform dips with the device, but would not be able to extend very far down with them. As far as I have seen, this has been the only doorway pull up bar company that has ever admitted this.

So, if you are a pull up or fitness junkie and you want a very diverse selection of pull and chin up variations, this is a very good bar to get.

What Is It Made Out Of?

The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is made out of black coated 1.6mm heavy gauge steel with black foam cushioned grips.

Like most other pull up bars the foam cushioning is not exactly super high quality, and so it tends to tear, compress and rip after heavy usage.

The best way to prevent against this is by wrapping the grips in tape or an old t-shirt.

The product info states that it can support individuals up to 300 lbs., although that is probably a little too optimistic. The steel is fairly decent quality, but for heavier individuals (250+ pounds) it probably is best to use something that is permanently affixed to prevent wall damage.

On all Yes4All pull up bars a 1 year warranty with a 60 day free return is standard, so if you run into problems you aren't necessarily just stuck with it.

Is It Easy To Install? What Doors Does It Fit?

Most doorway pull up bars are generally quite easy to assemble.

Yes4All Box
By far the biggest complaint about the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is the hassle in assembling it. It's a bigger device and there are a lot of parts.

Often times the instructions for these products are quite poor, so your best bet is to simply use the box as a guide. Assembly should not take more than 15 minutes, at the very most. All necessary parts and tools should be included.

That being said... of the biggest advantages to this pull up bar are its variations.

The Yes4All Deluxe comes in two main variations, based on the size of your doorway:

  • CXP (28-33" doorways)
  • XSP (30-37" doorways)

This is an awesome feature, as one of the biggest drawbacks to most doorway pull up bars is there one-size fits all approach.

Furthermore, both the smaller (CXP) and larger (XSP) variation also comes in two types themselves.

  • two piece main bar
  • one piece main bar

It's highly advised to go with the one piece main bar (this is the bar that you perform the pull ups on) as a common problem in many pull up bars that use two or three interlocking pieces is their tendency to hang and droop over time.

There are optional J-brackets included if you want to permanently affix the bar to somewhere in your house for more stability.

Yes4All grip positions
The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar will not fit in just any doorway.

Your doorway must have:

  • doorway trim and moulding
  • a 6" clearance area around the entire door
  • the trim for the door must be between 1 and 3.75 inches in height
  • the wall and trim thickness must be between 4.5 and 6 inches
  • the bar on the bigger model (XSP) is 42" long so it might not fit if your door is right next to a wall

The more 'traditional' doorways in your house, the better.

This product will be very problematic to use on more narrow doorways, and doorways without traditional trim.

On that note... of the biggest complaints against doorway pull up bars is there tendency to leave black scuff marks on walls.

This might happen with this problem. It's very, very common.

The best way to prevent against this is by placing cardboard in between the points of contact and the wall, or by wrapping the points of contact in tape or an old t-shirt.

What Are The Pros?

Who would benefit the most from this product?

  • individuals who want a huge diversity in the variations of pull and chin ups they can perform
  • individuals who are more serious about fitness and need a wider range of exercises
  • individuals with lots of more traditional styled rooms

One of the other bigger benefits from this product are the variations of the product itself, depending on the size of your doorway.

There is a very similar product, the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar that is nearly identical with this product.

The main difference are the sizes of the doorways they can fit.

The ProSource can fit doorways from 24-32 inches and the Yes4All can fit doorways from 28-37 inches.

What Are The Cons?

Unfortunately, this product is not going to be for everyone. For example...

  • individuals with smaller doorways (under 28 inches)
  • individuals who travel a lot and need a pull up bar to bring with them
  • if you simply need a bar to do pull ups and chin ups and don't care for a large variety

If any of the above apply to you, it's probably best that you look elsewhere.

What Are Its Consumer Ratings?

Yes4All assembly
When judging a commercial doorway pull up bar, there are two things in particular to take note of. They are:

  • the number of reviews for the product
  • the average rating for the product

The higher in each of these metrics, the better.

Fortunately, on both of these aspects the Yes4All Deluxe Bar performs very well.

It has an above-average number of reviews and a good overall rating, which means the majority of its consumers have been satisfied.

It's biggest complaint was assembling it, and it's biggest benefit is its size variation and the number of grip positions that it offers.

Excellent product, can't recommend it enough.

What A Consumer Says...

Is It Priced Fairly?

Most doorway pull up bars are priced from the mid teens to lower thirties.

Because of its size and model variations, the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is priced from the middle to upper band of that price range.

That it offers a good range of sizes and models, as well as a ton of grip positions to maximize the number of exercises you can perform, means that, in our opinion, it is priced fairly.


In our final opinion, we would give the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar a...

thumbs up

The biggest reason for this are its variations in model and size, as well as the large number of chin up and pull up variations that you could do on it.

This product would work great for exercise or fitness junkies.

Like all products, it has its flaws.

If you you need something to travel with, or something that is easily assembled or disassembled, or something that is cheaper, or something that is just basic, please check out our Reviews category for more options.

For a super easy comparison chart of doorway pull up bars, check out our table here.


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